• Madagascar-shy and poor african girl with child

    Refugees in Iowa

    Over the past 5 years, nearly 3,000 refugees have resettled in Iowa, a number that increased by 500% when a secondary migration (refugees initially resettled in other states who came to Iowa) arrived. Two agencies, Catholic Charities and the …

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  • Woman Warrior

    We’ve all been told to “toughen up”

    Whether female or male, at some point in our lives we have all been told to “man up,” toughen up,” “don’t be a softie,” or “win at all costs.” These terms have created an unofficial measure by which we are judged – beginning in the playground …

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  • Pink tulips for mother's day

    Is Mother’s Day too commercialized?

    According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is a $19.9 billion holiday. This is the amount of total spending anticipated for the holiday this year, and it equates to an average of $162.94 per mom.

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  • IMG_9224

    Tina Frundt — Human Trafficking Events Recap

    Tina told us that at each public event, trafficking victims approached her afterwards and asked for help. She and Mike Ferjak have coordinated appropriate responses for approximately 10 local victims.

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  • Black and white grunge image of a teen girl crying

    Sex Trafficking in Iowa

    The sex trafficking of girls and women is a pervasive and systemic problem happening throughout Iowa and our nation. Fueled by poverty and violence, along with the societal tolerance of men purchasing sex with young girls, human trafficking affects us all.

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  • diet

    Negative Body Image

    If cyberbullying and “revenge porn” don’t already do enough to damage the psyche of females, a new survey of nearly 900 female college students conducted by the University of Iowa in partnership with Ohio University reports a link between …

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  • Group of business people

    Females in the workforce

    A new report from the Pew Foundation (a nonpartisan research organization that conducts public polling, demographic research, media analysis, and social science research) reports that young professional women — termed the “Millennial generation …

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  • Indigenous Cambodian Woman Selling Fish Concept

    Gender at Work

    At this year’s United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, there is a new perspective on how better to achieve gender equality. The most effective method, noted youth program coordinators from around the globe, is the early education of boys.

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  • African american girl portrait

    Successful Girls Empower the World

    The Nike Foundation’s report, entitled The Girl Declaration, supports our educational and economic security goals and is very powerful. The Foundation worked with dozens of the world’s leading organizations that shared their valuable experience working with girls to develop the report. Find out why The Girl Declaration supports how providing education to girls can and will impact world economics.

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  • rich or poor

    Hidden Rules of Poverty

    We know that our economic situation has great influence on how we see our world and our future. And studies have created framework for what is considered the “culture of poverty” — providing eye-opening comparisons between persons who …

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