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    Woman are Heroes

    Women are heroes. This is a project of French street artist and photographer, JR, who believes that art can change the world. His photo project, WOMEN ARE HEROES, highlights the daily courage and resilience of women worldwide …

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  • Media influence is one of the most powerful economic and cultural forces today.

    Although we know that the media continues to over sexualize and under-intellectualize girls and women, we may think that finally, women and media are moving toward more parity. Not so, says TIME Magazine, which last month published …

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    “Media Myths” affecting young girls

    In 1981, Rachel Giordano was a red-headed 4-year-old child model with pigtails and baggy jeans, starring in a LEGO ad. This was a time when toys didn’t need to be “just for boys” or “just for girls” –

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