chrysalis community grants

we don't grant wishes.

we grant knowledge and strength.

These are extraordinary times.  This makes our funding decisions increasing important so that our investments provide the greatest return for our community.

Our unique approach leads to stronger nonprofit partners, more effective services, and more women and girls moving toward self-sufficiency. Community Partner Grants provide core support to the organizations delivering our mission. Rapid Response Grants offer funding for immediate - sometimes critical - needs that may hinder the day-to-day work of local agencies.  And our Client Emergency Funds offer nonprofit partners a resource for simple client needs including bus tokens, uniforms for a job, or fees for a class.

we are not your typical funder. our investments in the success of our nonprofit partners include training, coaching, and educational opportunities. we offer local agencies strategic planning, board development training, fundraising and grantwriting education, and guidance on best practices.

chrysalis tracks results of these investments through community measures, evaluation of results, and reports to community stakeholders and donors. we want to know, and we want you to know, what has changed in the lives of girls and women, in the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations, and in the overall success of our community.


delivering on our mission

community grant partners: 2019


freedom from violence and abuse, unsafe and unhealthy conditions, and homelessness  

Beacon of Life

Bernie Lorenz Recovery

Central Iowa Shelter and Services

Crisis Intervention and Advocacy Center


Hawthorn Hill—New Directions Shelter

Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa


mental, physical, and behavioral well-being

Crossroads of Iowa


Eyes Open Iowa

House of Mercy



school and academic success, job and employment readiness skills

Al Exito

Highland Park Community Church

WeLIFT Job Search Center

Young Women’s Resource Center

economic empowerment

secure and stable employment, sufficient income, and the capacity to make and act on economic decisions

Dress for Success - Des Moines

Iowa Center for Economic Success